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Your Overall Well-Being Is Our Priority

DUI/DWI Education Program and Early Intervention

A + Counseling Center offers an interactive preventive measure using evidenced-based curriculum taught in 2-hour sessions, 5 days a week. The curriculum is designed to educate and support individuals in making responsible decisions.

These sessions explore, discuss, and address risk factors, problems, and harmful consequences related to alcohol abuse.

Substance Use Disorder

 A+ Counseling Center clinicians assess and treat patients allowing them to live productive lives in our communities.  Our counseling services promote healthy living and the following are examples of therapeutic group topics: 


  • Substance Dependence and Your Relationship With Alcohol or Other Drugs

  • The Impact That Alcohol and Drugs Have on Your Body

  • How to Recognize and Understand Terms Such As Primary, Tolerance, and Switching Addictions

  • Explore Facts About Alcohol, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates/Narcotics, Inhalants, Hallucinogens, Sedating Pills, Prescription Drugs, and Designer Drugs

  • Understand and Deal With the Most Direct Threats to Abstinence and Issues of Drug Use

  • Craving and the Principles of the Deactivation of Craving

  • The Developmental Phases of Recovery, the Stages of Change, and the Stages of Treatment

  • The Principles of Relapse Prevention and 11 Relapse Warning Signs (Gorski)

  • Strategies for Those Who Are New to Recovery to Help With Stressful Events and the Stressful Search for New Pleasures So Common in the First Year or Two of Abstinence

  • Knowing the 32 Symptoms of Recovery (Jellinek)

  • Strategies for Sobriety Maintenance and Avoiding Relapse Triggers

  • HALT

  • Recovery and Community Service

DUI/DWI Service Prices

DUI Classes (Includes labs) 


12 Classes 

1 hr session

DWI treatment deposit


Deposit for enrollment 

1 hr session for 26 weeks

Recovery Support Services

We offer recovery support services through peer-to-peer support, individual and group counseling, and relapse prevention. Recovery coaches and mentors facilitate the sessions. 

Telemental Health Services

Our experienced behavioral health clinical team also offers telemental health to patients.

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